Thursday, September 10, 2009


if you've got this in google reader or whatever you need to delte it! This blog is gonna get deleted in the next few days and a new one has been started at:

Bookmark it if you'd like!



Tuesday, December 09, 2008

crap crap crap

Ya I'm still alive. Barely haning on but I'm still here. My life has gone from whoa to crazy to bad to horrible to downright painful. Alot has happnened in the last month and none of it is really good. I suposse that Sophie turning one was wonderful. She's walkin like crazy and her favorite thing to say is Hi? She always asks it like a question, it's pretty funny. She's ridiculously adorable and a total spoiled princess. But I couldn't imagine loving a little girl more. James is gettin smarter than ever! I can't believe the things he picks up on. I am at a loss for words right now so I'm gonna stop writing for now. I'll eventually come back and give you a real update. Oh the only other thing is that I'm down 69 pounds! Ya thats a pretty dang good feeling. Oh ya I chopped off my hair too......I'll leave you with a picture. Bare with me it's from my phone, and not great quality. However you can see my new big "sexy" hair...thats what Ginnie.....aka greatest hair stylist eva, calls it!

Thursday, November 06, 2008


it's been a crazy long time since i posted last, i know. one day my life will settle down. so first things first, my rak is way late. at least the winner will still get chocolate!! and you'll have a box for next year!!! lol!

My son picked a name from the hat.......winner is.......................PAM! Email me your addy girl and I'll get the goodies sent out to you!

Life has been hectic with moving and finding a house, a job. etc etc etc. so bare with me during my silence.

Friday, October 17, 2008

arrrgh! pirate booty!

I'm such a dork! I tell people to watch my blog for RAK and what do I do? Never post the pictures! Seriously I'm a moron sometimes......ok well most of the time. Anyways, here is the RAK that I'll be sending to a lucky blog reader. It's filled with golden treasures! If you are on the weight conscious side I can put little 100 cal candy bars in there instead (just let me know that if you win!) Ok so here's how you play to win, simple on your blog about this post. If I get more than 25 comments (all from diff people!) I'll throw in some scrappy goodies too! If you're a digi scrapper I'll give you some money to spend at Peppermint Creative! So what are you waiting for?! GO GO GO! lol!

Oh and this box was created using the October kit at Addicted Scrappers. The only thing not part of the kit/add-on is the box. I got the box at Joann's yesterday for fifty cents!


Monday, October 13, 2008

want a free purse?

check out They are giving away 24 handbags in 24 hours. They have some super cute bags that they are giving away. So go check it out and enter!

Monday, October 06, 2008

gone baby gone

eesh! i swear we don't have a home anymore! we've been gone for 2.5 weeks now! But we are having a great time. Right now we're at Sus' house and James is having a blast! He loves it here. I can't complain either. My wallet and my husband can complain but it's not too bad! It's hard being here in the presence of the store! My compulsive shopperness wants to come out and play!!! We'll be going home on wednesday sometime though. James starts back to school next week, and that'll be nice. We've found a few houses that we like, but we need to figure out what we're going to do with our lives before we decide on buying one. Sean has to figure out if he's going to re-enlist, and I need to decide if I wanna be a hairstylist, dental hygienist or a web developer. Honestly, I'm leaning towards the web developer. Thats something thats just right up my alley! Oh and speaking of being gone, next week we are going camping with my friend Ginnie and her family next week. Thats gonna be fun! I haven't been camping since before having James, so it's gonna be weird! I gotta find a stinkin pack n play though. boo! But it's gonna be tons of fun! I can't wait. But man this has been a very very busy month already!

I need to post some scrappy goodness but the internet here is wanky so I'm gonna have to do it when I get home. Oh and did you see a new Twilight preview is coming out? Can't wait!

oh one last thing. went to my doc and i'm down 45 pounds. I officially am back to what I weighed when sean and I got married! thats dang exciting!!!


Friday, September 26, 2008

this little thing called life....

Sometimes it just sneaks up on ya, know what I mean? Today I had an ah-ha moment. Sean and I were talking about death (i know morbid right?) a few days ago. It always saddens me to think about it, so I don't! But a woman in the scrap world was killed on her way to work by a red light running teenager, and it actually made me cry. Why? Not sure. Mostly I think it was because she had 2 kids, the same age as mine and that hit close to home. So Sean was at work while we were talking and he sent me this text:

"I was gonna say life your life the way you want to. When your tiem is up have no regrets. Love those closest to you. This life is just a a test, remember that. There is much much more once this life is over. Also, I will be with you through all eternity. And that was a choice that we made together."

Ok so I got that and I was speechless (ok technically I was text-less, but you get it) So that's what I've decided. I can't keep going through life and saying oh man I am so sorry I did that. Duh Jenn, wake up! Stop doing things that you know you aren't going to be happy about! Uh hello?! So there ya have it. My new life motto is to live with no regrets. I also decided that I should take my church beliefs a bit further. I've never been a great Mormon, no not because I'm a horrible sinner, but because I've never really paid attention to my feelings and never really voiced how I felt about our church.

Sean and I have never really talked much about that either. But after his text I couldn't not talk to him about our eternal marriage. I can not express enough how grateful I am for the church. For the decision that we made to get married in the temple. I still feel like I was totally undeserving of such an amazing honor. Can you believe that it's been almost 5 years since that wonderful day? Ya me either!

I truly am a blessed woman....eek when did I become one of those? lol! I still don't let people call me ma'am cuz I am so not that kinda woman. I still consider myself a young woman though! ;) I have a fantastic husband, great kids, and a family that supports me no matter what. There is no aspect in my life right now that I don't love. Even the bad stuff is a gift for me because it will help me become a better person. I.E. Sean goin overseas without us for an insanely long time. Yeah thats not gonna be fun, but I think that it will make our relationship that much stronger.

Alright this is way way way too much seriousness for me! So I'm gonna go play with the rugrats now! Have a great weekend! I may update with my 4th digi scrap page that I made, it's super cute!