Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ok I need you to go look....

at Scrap4Life. Go to the gallery and go into the DT entries week 1 and find my page.....titled Precious Miracle Baby and tell me what ya think. I'd show ya here but I'm not allowed to post it until the contest is over. I have such a hard time posting work and I always need someones opinion! Thankfully I have a great sister that is a great scrapper, well I have 2 but I only called one on this particular project. My sweet Sean tries to offer help but ya know asking a man about a scrap page is kinda like asking them what shoes look best! lol! Ok so tell me how it looks and be honest! If you have some constructive critiscm that you think might offend...don't worry just tell me! Gosh I am being awfully insecure! I am usually not this bad but because its for a DT entry I get all FREAKED out!

Other than that Sophie is feeling better. Much better! She was happy and full of smiles today! I love that! She is so cute!! She's starting to laugh and oh my heck it's adorable! I love babies laughing!

I am gonna try to go get some more scrappin done while she's sleeping. Here are a few other things that I've done over the last month....sorry most of you have probably already seen these because I post all my work at all my fave online galleries! But just in case someone hasn't seen some ya go!

poor baby

well here i was thinking that my children were being whiny and rotten for no reason. Well James has allergies and the doc gave him a prescription for some meds, and he's doin better. But poor baby Sophie has and ear infection and possibly a uti. Poor thing was whiny and crying and wouldn't sleep and it was killin both of us. But the doc gave her anti-biotics and today she's better already. She's not 100% but she's smiling today at least, and sleeping!

I'm totally bummed cuz I haven't been able to scrap at all this week and I really wanna get something done. Over at SO I keep missing the sign up threads for the Lucky 13 contest because I hardly ever get to go online. You should check out the challenges over their Click on the SO anonymous link and join the mb, you will be glad you did! Scrap 4 life is holding their DT contest search and I really need to get a page done for the competion and I'm hoping I'll be albe to create something tonight for it! Sus has awesome kits this month and I had a super hard time choosing. Visit her homepage at to see both of the kits this month. Can you guess which one i chose?? Speaking of kits I got my one from SO yesterday and all I can say is YUM! Althougth TI papers always smell funny to me! But the paper is awesome and i can't wait to dig into it! I'll be getting another kit today from S4L and that one will be yummo too, has the BG two scoops papers in it! I'm gonna have a good weekend for sure!!

OOH I am getting a clip it up thanks to Diana over at SO! I am so stinking excited! I have always wanted to get one but could never justify the expense! So hooray I am getting one!!!

Alright Sophie's crying and James needs lunch so he can have a nap today! I'll be back later to post some LO's and cards!