Friday, February 22, 2008

time moves so quickly

Geez it feels like it was just yesterday that it was Valentines day! oh well what can ya do! Well I found out what the rest of my gift was from Sean. He got me a beautiful ring, its got a heart shaped pink sapphire and then diamonds around it, and also an "S" shaped necklace that goes from diamonds to dark pink sapphires. Its so pretty, but I dont have it yet! UGH! He was supossed to have it and the shipping company called him and told him that the shipment was going to be delayed. Well he got a call yesterday that said he should have it by the 26th. Grrrr! Oh well what can ya do?!

Kids are doing well. I started putting Sophie on her belly to sleep and that seems to work SOOO much better! I haven't been able to scrap for the last few days but I did manage to get 5 pages done so far this month. Plus a bunch of cards. Speaking of cards over at they are doing this event called card carnival. basically we are doing a card a day, and its great fun. there are different challenges for each day. I have fallen WAY behind on it, and need to get caught up. Maybe this weekend I'll get to play. Oh and this weekend over at they are having a "feel the love" crop. I can't wait to see what they have in store, their crops are always the best! OOOH ya know I think it's already started! I must go check that out. Over at Sus just started somethin new...she will be doing a card kit every other month. Kandis....aka pickleballchamp is the designer for it and man that girl can rock some cards! she's amazing with them, so of course I had to buy the kit and subscribe! i am such a kit junkie!! they are tons of fun though. I love that I can effortlessley put together a page....well i dont have to think about what all i will put on the page anyways. that parts easy! the hard part is the layout and the pictures!

Alright its 12:23 and I need to get to bed. james will be up before i know it and I'll be cranky because I didnt get enough sleep. Someone please get some scrappin done in my honor! thanks!