Wednesday, November 14, 2007

hooooly cow!!

It has been soooo long since I have posted anything! I'm gonna just post a quick note for today because I'm not on my computer and I can't do any pics or anything like that.

So I am back home in AZ with my parents, and Sean is still in MD....and that sucks, but we'll survive.

James is getting HUGE! At 2 he's 3ft and 34lbs, in the 90th percentile! Like I said HUGE! But he is as cute as ever and becoming such a big boy, which I don't like! No really its actually nice. Plus he's starting to form sentences and thats the cutest thing ever!

I'm here and alive and well alive. Sophie is coming in 4 days and I can't wait. This has been a pretty difficult pregnancy with all the sickness, but it has been well worth it! I'm totally excited to have this little one, but its totally bittersweet. I'm sad and find myself crying often because James will no longer be my baby. It's rough but I'm sure the transition will be fine! So I'll update again asap so that I can show you some pics!