Monday, October 06, 2008

gone baby gone

eesh! i swear we don't have a home anymore! we've been gone for 2.5 weeks now! But we are having a great time. Right now we're at Sus' house and James is having a blast! He loves it here. I can't complain either. My wallet and my husband can complain but it's not too bad! It's hard being here in the presence of the store! My compulsive shopperness wants to come out and play!!! We'll be going home on wednesday sometime though. James starts back to school next week, and that'll be nice. We've found a few houses that we like, but we need to figure out what we're going to do with our lives before we decide on buying one. Sean has to figure out if he's going to re-enlist, and I need to decide if I wanna be a hairstylist, dental hygienist or a web developer. Honestly, I'm leaning towards the web developer. Thats something thats just right up my alley! Oh and speaking of being gone, next week we are going camping with my friend Ginnie and her family next week. Thats gonna be fun! I haven't been camping since before having James, so it's gonna be weird! I gotta find a stinkin pack n play though. boo! But it's gonna be tons of fun! I can't wait. But man this has been a very very busy month already!

I need to post some scrappy goodness but the internet here is wanky so I'm gonna have to do it when I get home. Oh and did you see a new Twilight preview is coming out? Can't wait!

oh one last thing. went to my doc and i'm down 45 pounds. I officially am back to what I weighed when sean and I got married! thats dang exciting!!!