Thursday, January 25, 2007

four days...not too bad

ok so 4 days between a post, not too bad for me. I am working on it though!! I have actually been pretty busy. I have been scrappin my brains out. Cleaning this house that seems to never stay clean, and feeding the child that never stops eating. I swear James eats so often, not alot, just often. He eats like every 3 hours. I have tried not letting him, but he gets waaaay to cranky. Besides I read that you are suppossed to eat something every 3 hours, so 6 small meals a day right? Seems ok to me!! Ok so I am doing the whole Weight Watchers thing right. I started Jan 4th. I weigh in every wed. This week, not so good as past weeks, but I still lost 3 pounds. WOOHOO! So for a total of 14 pounds since the beginning of Jan. I am telling you working out makes a huge difference. The first week I did nothing and lost 5 pounds (mind you I cut out all junk, sweets and crap for the whole week) The second week I worked out twice and lost 6 pounds. This week I only worked out 2 times again but I ate some not so great stuff, and blew my weekly points allowance in one night :( But I still lost. So if you are trying to change your weight (I don't call it the D word, because I have to trick my brain into thinking that I am not on a D) EXERCISE! it will be the single best thing you can do!!

Ok so scrapping stuff. If you have not clicked my link for Ruth do so. I was sitting this am reading her blog, and I was laughing so hard! She is hilarious, plus OOBER talented!

February's kit at Addicted is going to be totally amazing! It will be featuring: Crate paper, Creative Imaginations Making Memories, Heidi Swapp, Prima, May Arts, Bazzill. Here are a few pics of what will be in it! I really hope you enjoy it. If you like the kit and decide to buy one, or if you decide to join the MB tell them that I sent ya! Here are a few of the embellies included!

Ok so these are so yummy! This whole kit is delish and I can't wait to share more with you!! So go on over and check out the message board, and the gallery, and everything that is in the store!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

easy peasy

Today was such a simple day. Slept for 3 hours. Went to church. came home, and made us lunch. Then I tried to accomplish cleaning, but no such luck. James was at his best today. I almost died!! But guess what? We actually got snow!!! I am so oober excited. Unfortunatley as I type it is raining so by tomorrow am it will be melted. Thank goodness I got some pics today! I will have to post them up tomorrow. I am way to sleepy right now to upload them! I did get an intsy tiny bit of scrapping done (got a title figured out and have it printed now) I have been working on this page for 3 days now. ugh. Thank goodness Sean is off tomorrow, so I can have some realy scrappin time. Thanks for the comments Ellen and Kathy! I love that someone is really readin!!! LOL! Have a great scrap day tomorrow everyone!


is that a comment?

wow!! someone is actually reading my blog!! LOL! Thanks to Kathy! Totally lifted my spirits!! So not much scrapping today. Sean is at work and so I have the baby and the dog, way hard to accomplish anything with both of them. I know waaa waaa waaa. Want some cheese with your wine Jenn? Nah I am good, thanks though!! Anyways, so I did get some sketching done today. I also got my pics all organized on the computer. It feels so good to have that done!! Now it is one click to the photos I want.

Oh yeah in telling you all about myself I forgot to mention 2 things. The little linkys over on the right for addicted and scrapbook stand.....I am an Addict Counselor over at Addicted. At TSS I am a Design team member!! SOOO exciting! I was totally thrilled when I found out I had made one, let alone 2 weeks later find out I made another!! WOOO!! That made me very happy. So go on over check out the sites. Addicted has a huge store and an awesome discount, and her kits are 100% perfect and sooo worth the tiny amount you pay. TSS has awesome kits too. So seriously go over and check them out. Oh yeah great MB's on both too. Just tell them that I sent ya ok??!!! Have a nice sunday everyone.