Saturday, September 06, 2008

ok be prepared.......

this is gonna be long. I'm sure longer than I intend, but thats the way it goes sometimes.

So Sean came, and went. He was here for 2 VERY short weeks. We had a great time. but my gosh we were busy! The first day he got here we went over to the TCC (convention center) because a local car dealership was having a big sale. I needed a new car in the worst way. Mine was awful and a total heap of junk. So we went and we weren't gonna buy a car that day. HA! We did. We got a Chrysler Pacifica and I love it. It's got 2 more seats so now I can have 6 in the car, it's just alot nicer and a ton more room!

For his birthday we left the kiddos with his mom for the night, went to see Death Race, then to the Melting Pot, and then to a hotel. It was so nice to not have to wake up in the middle of the night to feed Sophie! The movie was pretty good too. I'm not a huge fan of action movies, but it was not bad. The Melting Pot was fab as always! I love that place. It's such a nice treat to go there too. I have pictures but Sean has them, so when he send them I'll show ya.

Then we were pretty much out and about every single day. It was nuts. The day after he got here I got a book shipment with the books written by Charlaine Harris. They are the Sookie Stackhouse novels, and about vampires. HBO is actually starting a series based on them, which begins this sunday. Can't tell ya how darn excited I am for that! You may have seen previews and it looks really good. Not sure how much they'll take from the books, but I hope they stay pretty true because the books were great. I still have one left to read, but it's on it's way and I should be able to get to it next week. The best thing is that she's still writing more of them, with no plans to end it any time soon, and that makes me happy!! lol!

So since he's left I've been keeping myself busy because if I don't then I'm gonna get depressed again. I don't want that cuz I was an awful person to be around! So I'm staying positive staying focused, all that good stuff. I feel weird cuz we didn't make it to church either sunday he was here, we were visiting family and friends and it just never happened. So now I've missed 2 weeks and it's bazar. I feel out of touch. So alas tomorrow we'll be headed to church. I think that James needs it as much as I do!

Speakin of James, he's doin good with school. He's actually learning stuff and its so fun to sit and listen to him sing songs! It cracks me up. He's still as ornery as ever, but thats the way it goes right?

Sophie is doing good. She's starting to stand on her own, and that freaks me out! But this was right about the time that James started walking. I hope for Sean's sake that she'll wait til November which is when he SHOULD be able to come home again. She's waving now too. I can't believe that she's almost 10 months. I'm gonna have to do a dedicated post for her, with 10 months of pictures. It makes me sad to think that she'll be one soon. How does it seem like time goes by so fast?

Speakin of the princess she's awake so I'll have to feed her. I know I've got lots more updating to do, so I'll get on that this weekend.

BTW one of you friends thats good at makin headers, how do I do it? Mine is just so not cool! Help me out....ahem Brandi.....;)

wow almost a month since an update...yeah i know i suck

ok so I was on google reader and reading Brandi's blog, and she tagged me. So I'm gonna play along as an excuse to update. Yes I'll update again with pictures, but for now I don't feel like doin that!

so here's the tag:

1. When did you meet the 1st person on your list? My list is kinda scrambled, it's in no particular order, so I'm gonna pick from it people I actually have talked with. So I'm goin with Luv 2 Scrapp's blog, who is Jackie. I met her on the Paper Popsicles message board. She's such an awesome woman, and oober thoughtful. She sent me the most beautiful card! Thanks Jackie!

2. What do you like about the 3rd and 4th people on your list? The actual 3rd person is Linda, and again I met her on the PP message boards. She too is awesome. She also sent me a card and an adorable birdy stamp! She has got to be one of the greatest of my internet friends! the 4th person is Jennifer, whom I met at A Million Memories. She is one of the strongest women I have ever spoken too. To be able to go through what she has been through and still smile makes me kick myself for all the times I've cried and complained about life.

3.What do you like best about the 5th and 6th people on your list? Amooretto, aka Christa, is one of the most amazing women I know. She and I have been friends for quite some time now! Weird to think back about how long ago we started chatting!! She is such a sweetie and so kind and really friggin organized! The 6th person is Brandi. Like she said on her blog I met her sometime before Tim and her got married, but I can't recall exactly when so I'm goin with her on this one and saying 1993, I can't believe that was 15 years ago! I feel really old now, cuz I remember there wedding very clearly. It's weird the things that you remember huh? I think the thing I like about her best is that we really do have alot of things in common. I guess you never think about your uncle's wife being a friend, but if we lived any closer I am sure that I'd hang out with her all the time. Plus she's just as obsessed with Twilight as I am, so you can't go wrong with that!

4. How long have you known the 9th person on your list? again going with people that I've actually talked with Learn to swerve...aka Ruth. I haven't actually met her, but she inspires me beyond belief. She's is so friggin strong and she's gorgeous to boot. She's a great mom and a military wife, and thats not something that any woman can do easily. Her hubby's been deployed and her mama died, and somehow she's surviving. I couldn't do it. I'd curl up in a corner and shut myself off from the world. Kudos to her!

5. What impresses you about the 12th and 13th people on your list? The 12th and 13th are sisters and are my cousins. Kelly is awesome and her and I were buddies growin up. We are the same age, however she seems to be a much better mom than I! Plus her hubby is super sweet, even though I have yet to meet him, the way she talks about him is wonderful. Shannon is a bit older than I am, but still an awesome cousin. I remember all the times growing up that we all hung out together. We had alot of fun times. I haven't seen either of these girls in a really LONG time, I wished they lived closer so we could see each other more often.

6. What is a memory of the 16th person on your list? oh man I am so not cool enough to have 16 people on my list!

7. Something nice about the last person on your list. The last person is Shannon. She is an awesome mom. She's gonna be the mom on the block that all the kids love. The one that all the other moms envy!! She's just cool like that. She knows all the fun things to do!

Now I tag Jackie, Christa, and Kelly.