Friday, March 23, 2007

Addicted April kit

here is the pic of the April Addicted Scrappers kit. It is sooooo soooooo yummy!!! I can not wait to get it......should be here tomorrow am!! I LOVE bein on the DT. So for those of you who are on the site, sorry nothing special yet, but as soon as I get it I will give more details! but for those who aren't here ya go!
one last thing too.....totally teaser.....something huge is coming. Start thinking. Get your brain wrapped around it! I will let you think for a bit, but put your thinking caps on!!! (hehehe)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

great and amazing......hmm maybe not!

oh man sometimes I crack myself up! LOL!! But anyways...can't believe I posted on sat and I am just now getting to the blog. ugh. oh well what can ya do. say shame shame and move along.

Scrappy world first- I have kinda been in a bit of a funk. Not sure why but I have been. However things are looking up and I am feeling inspired! Via the boards at all my wonderful sites. The newest site I have found is Scrapbooking Supplies The site is great and the people there are 100% awesome! Of course you know that addicted is one of my all time faves! but there is also they hold awesome monthly contests, and there are some oober talented peeps there. So wahooo for all of you who have inspired me to get my butt in gear!

Don't forget this weekend at we are having an online crop. I know that there will be awesome prizes and great fun games! So come on over and check it out!!

OMgosh! I have to say too, that addicteds April kit is gonna knock your socks right off. (hint...BG phoebe is the pp) Go over around the 1st and check it out and also apply for the guest dt spot! Kathy Bishop is the March GDT'er and she is rockin it! Very very awesome work chicky!! Oh and I must say that that April kit is only so wonderful because Sus and Audge love me and made the kit just for me for my bday!!! LMBO! I wish!

Oh and one last scrappy thing, the lo's that are getting pub'd in the april/may issue of ready set create are below. This is my first pub and I am oober excited!! Thanks for looking!

And now the rest of my world:

James started potty training. Yes I know holy crap! He is only 20 months, and I am super oober excited!! Everyone says wait till they are 3 etc etc. But I didn't have to. He is the one who wanted to get up on the potty and go! The last few days have been rough, because he is either sick or getting some more teeth. He still is missing a few yet, so that may be what it is, not too sure! LOL!! That was the beginning of the month, and along with that he started sleeping in his toddler bed. It too was going really well for the first few weeks but now the last few nights he has been very very aprehensive and not wanting to get into his bed! Oh the joys of being a mother!!

My diet has gotten severly off track and for that I am paying the price. Hopefully I can get back down before my parents get here so they can see some sort of progress!! Not sure why I care, I know they will love me anyway, but still....kwim?

Sean has been having a tough time at work. I blame it on them continually changing his schedule, but whatever. It is the military what can you do?! The first week of April he is on call for "flyaway" missions, so that may be interesting. But he does have the 18th-24th off, so that will be nice!

Well I think for the most part thats it! I'm excited for the month to be almost over, and for the 17th and 19th of April to get here! (bday is 17th, parents here the 19th!)

Happy scrappin!!