Friday, September 26, 2008

this little thing called life....

Sometimes it just sneaks up on ya, know what I mean? Today I had an ah-ha moment. Sean and I were talking about death (i know morbid right?) a few days ago. It always saddens me to think about it, so I don't! But a woman in the scrap world was killed on her way to work by a red light running teenager, and it actually made me cry. Why? Not sure. Mostly I think it was because she had 2 kids, the same age as mine and that hit close to home. So Sean was at work while we were talking and he sent me this text:

"I was gonna say life your life the way you want to. When your tiem is up have no regrets. Love those closest to you. This life is just a a test, remember that. There is much much more once this life is over. Also, I will be with you through all eternity. And that was a choice that we made together."

Ok so I got that and I was speechless (ok technically I was text-less, but you get it) So that's what I've decided. I can't keep going through life and saying oh man I am so sorry I did that. Duh Jenn, wake up! Stop doing things that you know you aren't going to be happy about! Uh hello?! So there ya have it. My new life motto is to live with no regrets. I also decided that I should take my church beliefs a bit further. I've never been a great Mormon, no not because I'm a horrible sinner, but because I've never really paid attention to my feelings and never really voiced how I felt about our church.

Sean and I have never really talked much about that either. But after his text I couldn't not talk to him about our eternal marriage. I can not express enough how grateful I am for the church. For the decision that we made to get married in the temple. I still feel like I was totally undeserving of such an amazing honor. Can you believe that it's been almost 5 years since that wonderful day? Ya me either!

I truly am a blessed woman....eek when did I become one of those? lol! I still don't let people call me ma'am cuz I am so not that kinda woman. I still consider myself a young woman though! ;) I have a fantastic husband, great kids, and a family that supports me no matter what. There is no aspect in my life right now that I don't love. Even the bad stuff is a gift for me because it will help me become a better person. I.E. Sean goin overseas without us for an insanely long time. Yeah thats not gonna be fun, but I think that it will make our relationship that much stronger.

Alright this is way way way too much seriousness for me! So I'm gonna go play with the rugrats now! Have a great weekend! I may update with my 4th digi scrap page that I made, it's super cute!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


First off....not pregnant! Geez what a mess that would have been! I'd have dealt with it but man it would have been crazy! Sean said he'd have to try harder next time he's here, I have half a mind to smack him!

Second Sean finally got "hard copy" orders. He's definetley going to Bahrain. We have no idea for how long though. Thats not clear in his orders so he has to wait til he gets back to MD on friday to talk to the detailer. Ugh! I really hate having to wait! Seriously when it comes to patience I have very little! However in talking with other Navy wive's I've found out that its typically a year that they go, sometimes a year and a half but usually a year.

Now onto the good news. Sean finally agreed with me that we could find a new place for us to live. I'm goin crazy livin with his mom. I love her to pieces but we need our own space. It's hard to try and run my family when there are 3 other people tellin my kids what to do. For that matter I'd like to have my own room again! All 3 of us in one normal sized bedroom is just plain a pain. Plus I really like to cook and use my stuff but I think they don't really enjoy my cooking. I dunno though. So now I get to really start looking! I'm so happy about that!

Ok thats my news for now. Sophie needs lunch. I've got more to talk about but for now thats all ya get!