Wednesday, January 23, 2008

aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh blogs!

Man i seriously am no good at this! oh well I try and I dabble from time to time, so its better than nuthin!

Life is crazy here. 2 kids and no hubby around.....eeek! I seriously am at wits ends on some days and dont know what to do. James is kickin my butt with this whole potty training thing. Some days he does really good and others just suck. But man he is such a smart kid. He picks up on things so fast and learns so quickly its totally amazing to me. Mostly his fine motor skills are phenomenal. I swear one day I'm gonna need his help with my work!

Sophie is adorable. I wish I could put some pics up but I'm not on my own computer right now and thats killin me! But anywho back to the princess. She just turned 2 months.....I can't believe how quickly the time goes. She is such a happy smiley girl. She really is a perfect little baby. She loves to be cuddled and I love to cuddle with her. James was never a cuddler so I missed it with him, and I feel bad cuz now he wants to cuddle. So sometimes my bed is a bit crowded at night! LOL!

We just moved out to Vail to live with my in-laws, whom are wonderful people. James is doing so much better out here attitude wise. He was so naughty at my parents house, so its a nice change. Sean and I are doing well. Much better. We have a long hard road ahead of us but we are totally ready to take the drive and live a long happy life together. We were talking the other day about our wedding day and remembering details from the temple and I was so shocked and amazed at how much he remembered. It made me feel so happy and so great because he very rarely remembers the fine details. He's gonna be up in MD until November when he has to changed duty stations, so then we'll be moving again. Hopefully this time it'll be a place that we can both go and be happy. I REALLY want to get San Diego but we'll see!

I haven't gotten to do much scrappin and its KILLIN me! I did get a page done though and its not a normal one for me, so I'm hesistant to put it out there for the world to see! I found a new site called Simply Obsessed and am considering submitting for their DT. But I totally hate rejection! But I should stop being such a baby and just go for it!
OOOOH I LOVE CAMERA PHONES! So here is a little treat of my little one! She loves her tongue! And is such a happy baby gurl!! I love it!
Well folks I'm gonna get to bed. Enjoy this little princess. I'll get some more pics up soon. As soon as i get my stinkin laptop! Hooray for tax returns!