Wednesday, May 23, 2007

So you know how....

You promise yourself that you are going to keep up on your blogging? Umm yeah so that hasn't been me, obviously! I suck at it-really I do. But I promise to try harder!

Not much going on here, sick sick sick....oh yeah and being sick more! But it actually seems to be slowing down, so that is a good sign. I will find out in about a month whether I am having a boy or a girl, so that is VERY exciting. I will be taking bets in the near future! (LOL!!)

MD is turning out to be an ok state. The town we are in sucks, but the surrounding ones are alright. We went today and picked fresh berries from a farm, and that was great! Not something I ever remember doing, and I love the smell of strawberries!! I haven't ever made jam but I am going to try this recipe that a girl from church gave to me. I'll keep ya posted on how it turns out! Plus there are beaches here, and that in itself is worth being here! I love being able to go sit in the sun, and let James have tons of fun out there!

James is getting bigger and bigger! I can't stop him from growing, but really wish I could! Here are a few pics for your viewing pleasure!

be back soon....PROMISE!