Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dear Ginnie,

I have found a new friend. She's so awesome, and it feels like we've known eachother for years. We have clicked like I've never clicked with a friend before. I'm so happy! We both have kids about the same age. James and Luke are buddies and they have fun together! Lukie-as James calls him, has taught James things already....ahem how to pee standing up outside! lol! James thinks its the most fun ever!!! We went to the circus with Ginnie and her family and it was fun! James got tired after awhile and Sophie did not want to go to sleep but we managed!! The past few weeks we've hung out alot and it's been really great! I love to have one really good friend that you can call and talk to about whatever, and have fun together. So this is for Ginnie, who reads my blog and asks me why I don't update! lol! Here ya go girl!! PS-her mama is in the hospital right now, so if all my readers can keep her in your prayers that'd be loverly!

Ok so scrappy stuff- I haven't done alot. Done a page or two. I'm too lazy to get them posted for you, so check back tomorrow and I'll get them up. Addicted is getting prep'd for a cyber crop. It's gonna be next weekend, come and play!! There are alot of challenges goin on this month too. Tons of fun to be had! I'm preparing the details for our September guest designer call, keep your eyes out for that. I'll be giving hints in the next few weeks for what you need to do!!

This month at S4L the manufacturer of the month is GCD studios. I am im-patiently awaiting for my goodie box to arrive! I really HATE waiting!! lol! I'll be sure to do more updating once I have goodies in my hand!

On the ME front, I'm doing well. The last 2 days I've gotten the kiddos in the jogger and went walking. I've been going for 45mins-60mins. I keep cramping on my side, but today found that if I drink more water I feel a bit better. I haven't weighed myself recently so I have no clue how much more, if any, I have lost. Today was an emotional day with my in-laws. It's hard to go out with them cuz they don't remember what it's like to have 2 little babies. I cried. Talked to Sean, told him there is absolutley NO way I can stay here until 2010. So I started looking at houses today. Found a bunch I like, all in a good it's actually pretty close to Ginnie's house! That just happened by coincidence...seriously! So we'll see how it goes. It sucks because we need to buy a new car before mine with it's 136k miles on it dies, but there is no way that we can buy a new car, and get a house on what we're makin. I'm thinkin I'll have to get a job. The good news is, the CDC (child development center) on base pays like $11 bucks an hour. I'm gonna look into getting a job there. Then I'd be able to have the kiddos right there with me, kwim? I don't wanna work, not at all, but if thats what I have to do, then I'll do it.

So this has ended up WAY longer than expected! My bad! lol! If you've made it all the way through, bravo!! Check back soon. I promise to not take so long to update again!!

Oh and cuz I can't leave without a picture of my babies, here they are.