Wednesday, June 06, 2007

sick sick sick

I am stinking tired of being sick!! It is slowing down though, so hopefully I am getting over this garbage! I swear the things we put up with so that we can have children! LOL!! It has been a busy few weeks, with all the sickness! Seriously though, the car broke down this weekend and that sucked. But fortunatley sean knows a guy in our ward that is handy with cars and was able to help him take the car apart and fix it. Plus it only cost us 60 bucks, plus a gift card for the guy that helped! But waaaay better than the 300 that the auto shop wanted! Well we are getting ready to leave, just wanted to say hello to anyone who is reading! I go to the doc in 2 weeks and then I will let ya know if this is a boy or a girl!!