Sunday, September 14, 2008

My baby is 10 months old.....sigh

How did she get that old already? Geez times goin by fast! However I'm not sad! I don't miss those days really. I did love the bonding time while I was breastfeeding, but I don't miss having to feed her every 3 hours! I can't say I don't miss the sleepless nights cuz she still doesnt sleep through the night. UGH! James was sleeping through the night before he was a month old! Oh well. I know that I'm going to miss these days one day......actually no I won't but I sure will have a good laugh when she calls me and complains about her baby not sleepin! lol!!! So I'm going to grace you with some photos of my precious baby. Thanks Jenney for this idea! I'm finally getting around to using it! I know I'm a total slacker, no one needs to remind me! Ok ok enough yapping.

her birthday

1 month and lookin like an angel!

2 months and showin us her popeye muscles!!

3 months- look at that grin!

4 months-ok yes you caught me, I took valentines day pictures the month after, but only because I totally forgot! oops!

5 months and mama loves this bow!

6 months and as pretty as can be! Her eye lashes are stunning here, right?!

7 months and pouting like any girl that doesn't get her way should do!

8 months-my horrible 4th of July pictures. Not sure what I did wrong but they all look like this. I need to take a photography class so I know what I'm doin! But she sure does make a cute all American baby!

9 months-we have her in training to devour her birthday cake! lol! ok well seriously we were just messin around and Sean thought it'd be great fun, and it was. She did manage to steal a piece of chocolate!

10 months and already tryin to climb to the top!

I can't believe in about 2 months she'll be a year old! She's almost walking. Has said her first "real" word, which is Up! But she also says mama, dada and buba (which is James). She's eating food like the rest of us. She hates baby food! She wishes that she could run and play with James, to a point of screaming til he gives her what she wants, and boy he's in for a world of trouble if he keeps that up! But I have to be grateful because he's really a great boy. He's sweet and sometimes he even shares his toys with her! I love 'em both and couldn't imagine life without them! Oh yeah btw I think I'm pregnant. I honestly don't want to be. However, I would enjoy every minute of it if I was. My mom said that I should know what causes these things by now, but I guess I haven't learned my lesson! I was due to have a vistor a week ago and she hasn't made an appearance yet. I'm not totally concerened because I've never had a regular schedule. heck I've gone a whole year and she only visited me once that whole time, yeah thats an overweith thing....or so they tell me. But now since I've had Sophie and lost over 40 pounds, it must be trying to get regular? I dunno. I know this is all TMI though. But this time next week if she has not reared her ugly self then I'm gonna have to worry. Blah! Don't really wanna think about it, kwim?! Sean just keeps saying if thats what Heavenly Father has planned for us, then so be it. I reply with, "thats fine and dandy but it's not my idea of fun to have 3 kids whilst you're deployed for a year." yes I really say whilst, mostly because it's funny to say and Sean gives me a funny look when I say it!

I have alot of scrappy goodness to show off, but with all the pictures I've posted I better wait for another post to do that one. Thanks for reading this far!


*please take note*

This is for all my friends who are LDS. Yes I am LDS and I uphold standards as much as I can, I do not claim to be perfect in any way. I have a potty mouth sometimes, and I say mean things sometimes, mostly because I don't think before I speak. I don't typically mean to hurt peoples feelings or mean it when I say I can't stand someone! So please note that while reading my blog, esp if you go way way back to the beggining of my blog. I was in a bad place, and I mean a bad place. I don't want to go back and delete my posts because I think it's going to prove to be helpful someday.

I am glad however that I have more people coming to my blog now! So if you're reading this thanks for stopping in!

Now I'm gonna go do a real post.

over and out