Saturday, April 05, 2008

it's happening

I got a call from my doctor's office yesterday....Tricare approved me to go to the surgeon!! I am so stinkin excited I can't believe it! I go for a consulation on the 10th and then I am sure that there's a whole slew of things I have to have done before I can have the surgery done, but man I am happy. I thought for sure that Tricare wasn't going to approve me so I am really stoked!!

I just finished up a lo. I had fun making this one. I used papers from the spring fling kit from
i have to go feed my piglet princess so thats all ya get for now!!!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

here they are....

Here are the pages that I submitted during the DT competition at scrap4life.

The first week our challenge was to use glitter and this is what I did

week 2 was use clear embellies. I love the colors on this one!

week 3 was use a combo of b/w and color pics and create a handmade embellie. i made the oreo and added the glitter crumbs below it.

week 4 was the final week and we had to use blue, orange, red, green, and yellow on our lo and focus on our journaling. this is one of my very favorite pages this year.

I also forgot to post that last month during the c'mon get lucky cyber crop I was the overall winner! I also won the february contest by making these cards

Thats all I have time to post for now. Sophie is screaming her little brains out, so I must attend to the princess!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

what's April already??

Seriously where did the time go?! Well in this post you will find 2 things. 1 good 1 crap. So because I always like to end on a good note, I'll give ya the crap first! Be prepared I fear this is going to get long!

So as if the last 2 weeks weren't crappy enough with all the sickness we were dealing with, DH called me with the worst news EVER. A little backstory first. DH is stationed in MD, in a crap hole place that's not worthy of raising children at all, so in August I moved back home and I am living with my wonderful in-laws. Well Sean is up for new orders in November of this year, so we thought that we'd be ok with having to live apart for a little over a year because we'd be able to see eachother throughout the year and then move back in together the end of the year. However he found out that he's going to be deployed. Because his current location is considered land duty he has to go on sea duty and there are only 2 ways to do that and 1 of those he's not eligible for. So he's gonna be deployed. They told him it's going to be a one year deployment unless there is some random act of God and he may be able to slip into a 6 month. When he told me I thought he was totally kidding. I kinda laughed a little and then he said no babe I'm serious. Then it hit me and I had to hang up the phone. I cried and cried and cried and cried some more (you get the point!) I just have no clue how I am going to deal with this. He is my balancing act and these months without him have totally sucked. So for now I am going to wallow in my sorrow. I will be happier about it at one point but for now I grieve! Ok well I just thought how am I going to be happier about this? The answer is simple....more moolah! Which will mean more scrappy stuff!!!! Which will lead me to my next bit of news..

I made the team at !!!!! I am so out of my mind excited! I can't believe I made their team and I am seriously totally grateful about it! I was reading the post this morning and I had to stop mid scroll and breathe. My heart was beating so fast and I felt sick to my tummy. But I scrolled on and I read my name!! I had to go back a few times and read it to make sure that my name was really there!! LOL! I am honored to have gotten to know all the girls that were trying out and all the regulars on the boards. Jodie, Angela, and Nancy are the coolest chicks around and I am so friggin happy to be workin with them! Jodie's kits are ALWAYS packed to the brim with stuff! I LOVE them! I need to go look and see if I am allowed to post my pages now. So I'll be back later to post some work! Thanks for reading and listening to my whiny butt.