Thursday, March 20, 2008

a big huge yuck and a great big WA-friggin-HOO!!

Ok so first off I haven't posted in days because James has been sick. Took him to urgent care and he's got strep. UGH! He's 2.5 for crying out loud! I seriously hope that this doesn't become chronic for him like it did for me. He really doesn't seem to be getting better yet and it's killin me. He's not sleeping well, he keeps puking (and for those that don't know me I can't deal with puke, it makes me wanna do the same) and I have yet to throw up....thank heavens! Sophie has been doin ok but everytime James wakes up in the night it wakes her up, a major setback to sharing a room but we'll survive! So if you are the praying type keep him in your prayers and for that matter throw my sanity in there too! I know that every time I pray I beg Heavenly Father to send mine back to me! lol!

And for the big wahoo.....I made it onto round 3!!! I was so stinking excited. The challenge this week at 's design team call was to create a page using 4-5 photos (b/w and color mix) and create a handmade embellie. The last part threw me for a loop. I was totally overthinking it and killing myself! But I got the page done today and I think it turned out great!!! It's below for your viewing pleasure!! (well at least I hope you like it!) Notice the crumbs under my "cookie?" I love it!! =)

Short post it is because I have children waking up..........try to be back sooner than later!



Sunday, March 16, 2008

wish me luck

So I just found out that I could post my entries for the DT contest call over at S4L. So below you will find my round one entry and my round two entry. I will find out tomorrow if I will be moving onto round three!! Keep your fingers crossed!!! Week 1 we had to use glitter. Week 2 we had to use transparent items. I'll make a real post tomorrow!

Week 1

Week 2