Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Join me

This weekend at Scrap4Life for my very first cyber crop! I am so excited to be hosting!! There are going to be tons of great challenges and prizes to be won!! So get on over and register and check out the PARTAY!!!!!

How cute is this ad??? Yeah thats right that was all me!! lol! Oh and the cool little blinkie I have up now....oh yeah baby that was all me too!!

ok i know it's late but well

I don't have much for now because I am busy playing with my camera!! I will show ya some pics I got with it though!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

geez 2 posts in one day.....must be a good day!

Ok so yes it has been a pretty darn good day! Aside from cranky children and a cranky MIL that is. I didn't get to scrap like I wanted to but I did make a blinkie for the S4L dt! It was my first try at making one and it was so much fun! Thanks Audge!! NOW here is the most awesome news I got's the scene

I am sitting on the couch feeding Sophie, the doorbell rings. Jack (the HUGE dog) runs to the door and starts barking like no ones business. I hop up real quick because Sean has forwarned me that he bought something on Ebay and it was being sent to me because I have the paypal account and my address is the confirmed one. So I wanted to get to the door before the UPS guy left without leaving the package. So poor Sophie was interrupted mid-meal but darn it I got the package! LOL! So anyways. I opened the box, he didn't tell me not to open it......and HOLY MOTHER of ALL mothers! I could NOT believe my eyes. Wanna know what was in it?? Nah I'm not tellin! LOL! I'm totally kidding I'm too excited to not share. So it was my birthday present and it's a new Canon Digital Rebel Xti. This is SOOOO way better than what I asked for! So I called Sean up screaming my brains out, all the while Sophie is looking at me like I am possessed, and Sean is like geez babe calm down! I couldn't contain myself I was so friggin happy! He says why did you open that? I said well because you didn't tell me not to, duh! Of course I'm gonna open it! Silly goose! So he got me a whole package and there were so many accessories included and i dunno what to do with half of them! lol! but man I am excited to learn! So there ya have it folks it's totally official I am SPOILED SPOILED SPOILED! But luckily I'm not a spoiled brat! Gotta run. Hope you are takin part in today's challenge! I'll be posting tomorrow's in the morning when I get up!