Tuesday, January 30, 2007

ok working on it I swear!

I really am. I go around and read everyone else's blogs and then I forget to post on mine! Today I had a pretty blah day. I did get the house cleaned, dishes and all!! So that is good. I even put makeup on and went to the grocery store! LOL!! It was weird to get out of the house! (for those of you who don't know, we only have one car right now, so while DH is always at work...I get stuck with no car :( so yeah it stinks!!)

Weight life is going good. I am continuing to lose, and so that is exciting. I don't weigh in until tomorrow, but I am sure I will have a loss!!

Scrap life is bueno too!! I ventured into the digital scrap world. I had alot of fun doing my pages. but nothing comes close to my real stuff!! I am totally lovin addicted scrappers Feb kit! I have done tons of projects with it, and am working on a few pages right now too!! I am super excited about the paint you get! So go check it out!! Plus be watching for an online crop...not sure if I am suppossed to tell, but we will be doin one soon, and lots of nummy prizes to give away!! WOOHOO!! I love giving out free stuff!!

Well it is cold, and late. So off to bed I go. Thank you all for reading and posting! It makes me feel good!!! LOL!!