Monday, March 24, 2008

i love mondays.....

I freaking woke up sick this morning....and not only me but Sophie too. I can deal with being sick. I hate it but I can deal with it, but my poor tiny little 4 month old baby girl can not. I really think it's not right that babies this young can get sick. It's frustrating and irritating because I can't give her anything and it breaks my heart. I am cranky and tired and this will be a short post...but I do have good news today.

Today begins the last challenge for the DT call at and I actually made it!! I am in the running with 10 other women and I have never been so nervous. Seriously I wasn't this nervous when I had kids, got married, had to have gall bladder surgery...none of that was a nerve racking as this. I really want to be a part of this DT because I totally LOVE the site which makes it even harder for me. Ok so thats the only bit of happiness you get from me today. I'll come back asap and post some more stuff. Thanks for reading!