Monday, February 11, 2008

ok its monday

ok i made a promise to myself today. I made a list and I said that everything on that list WOULD get done today. So this is the last thing on the list, I think I may become one of those list makers!! lol! As I sit here on the couch with my perty new laptop, Sophie is here sleeping on the couch next to me and I LOVE it!

So I got one cuz we got our taxes back and Sean said if we got over a certain amount back that he would get me one. So wahoooo!! I was so excited to pick it up and I'm totally stoked to have it. So I've been able to do all my food tracking, picture editing, message board updating and myspacing and I feel like life is normal again! LOL! I have missed not being able to get everything done because I have to get off the computer to take care of kids or so that someone else can use it. This is just about the largest purchase we have ever made. The only thing larger has been cars. One day it'll be a house.......but we won't get into that tonight.

Sean is doing well. MD sucks for him and it sucks having him so far away. But its all for the best and November will be here before we know it. Speaking of November, this year is our 5 year anniversary! Thats soooo crazy and soooo exciting! We think that we are going to try to take a trip back to Sedona. Thats where we went for our honeymoon only when we went we had maybe 300 spending cash, if that. So we'll see if we have the money and if we can find someone to take care of the kiddos for the weekend

James is doing very well. He's got a huge vocabulary now and learns new words everyday. I need to pull out the video camera and film him. He says oh my gosh all the time and its so funny. He's started to line things up freakishly good too. He's pretty anal about it and whatever he's lining up or stacking has to be perfectly even. I was a bit concerned that it was a sign of autisim but my doc has said that he talks too much and is WAY too social to be autistic. Thank heavens! Thats something that I fear the most and I would hate that to happen to one of my children. I feel so awful for people that have to deal with the rotten disease and don't know how they do it.

Sophie is getting big. She's almost 3 months now and is tons of fun. She loves to sit up, so I got her a bebepod. Went on ebates and found it through for less than 60 bucks and got free shipping! I love good deals!! She still eats and eats and eats, but I know that one day it'll slow down and I will be able to resume a normal life and wearing clothes that dont have the word maternity/nursing on the tags, but thats a long ways off! The girl loves to smile. I can tell that I am going to get alot of good pictures outta this one and I cant wait!!

I'm doing well. Life is getting into a routine with both kids and no hubby. Its rough without him here and I cant wait for him to be home with us. I feel so badly cuz I feel like he's missing all this stuff and like its my fault. Although, I know that he'll swear up and down it's not, I still feel like it. I haven't been able to scrap at all this past week. I have 3 kits just sitting in bags waiting for me to use them. I got the one from Sus at Addicted, one from a new site called simply obsessed and one from Jodi at Scrap4life. I NEED to scrap this week! I'm gettin stir crazy! So I've been following weight watchers and so far since Feb 1st, I've dropped 19 pounds!! I love it when your work pays off. Now I need to get my booty to the gym or at least outside to work out somehow.

There are mini goals that are totaly attainable and Sean has rewards all set up for me. If I get to my goal weight by Feb1st 2009 I get a new rock if I meet it. Ok I'm falling asleep while I'm typing so that means I need to get to bed.

Scrap some for me! I'll be posting pictures of the kids and some new work that I've done.

Eat, Sleep and Scrap!!